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Meet Andrea Szabo a facilitator for change.

insight, Knowledge, and Lived Experience.

ANDREA SZABO   Creative, Educator, Sound Therapist, Intuit, and Personal Mentor.

Andrea has integrated her own life experience, after decades of daily consciousness, to inspire and teach. She offers a learning experience and insight like no other. Her sound understanding and knowledge of the complexities of life and our need for Soul Connection are shared in all her work. She covers many aspects including:

The Best you can do is to be open to a New you

"I help people see how they think which creates a whole new positive experience for them"

Life Skills Education
Learn Life School

The Intentional Living Strategies course is for individuals wanting support, direction, motivation, and solutions to life’s challenges. These sessions developed by Andrea, focus on SPECIFIC Strategies designed to enhance life and bring ease.

Sound therapy
Sound Etheric

Sound therapy is a platform for Andrea Szabo to combine her skill as a musician, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, healer, and creative for the benefit of others.

Gain insight through
Evolutionary Tarot

Andrea has been reading cards for decades and draws on her extensive professional experience and life experience to offer you a comprehensive reading

Life can be a journey.

It's not just about the destination.

Get an inner understanding and outer shift that creates a life you enjoy living

Intentional Living Strategies Program

Practice strategies

Easy to use tools to apply when living, that really make the difference.

Three lesson packages

All sessions are coached online at the
Learn Life School

GOLD : By yourself, choose which one in your own time

GOLD VIP : By yourself, 5 sessions in your own time

PLATINUM : Andrea and you as her private student - Full Course just for you

User Friendly

This course has been developed and streamlined after a decade of delivery.

Be part of her upcoming events.

Come to the Learn Life School , join a Sound Session Event hear a  Podcast  or watch at YouTube

Sound Etheric
July 31, 2022 10:00

Group Sound Session #6

You all will be able to lie back and relax (or sit in a chair) whilst Andrea uses the sound from crystal bowls and voice to bring relaxation and calmness…
Podcast by Andrea Szabo
July 29, 2022 10:00

Elephant Shoe Podcast #2

Life Style with your Coach
Learn Life School
August 1, 2022 10:00

Free Guided Meditation #103

Guided Meditation Live on You Tube
Free E-Book
This Small Ebook 0ffers practical, simple techniques for dealing with stress. Written by Andrea Szabo it covers, points of reference, she has recognised are essential to bringing balance during stressful times.